Our laboratory has been dealing for years with the recondition of mechanical seals produced by us and by other manufacturers.
The reconditioning is the process by which the condition configurations of a seal, at the time of construction, are taken back in the worn out seal.Indeed,

It is possible, through this process, to reduce costs and downtime of the mechanical seals especially on products that are produced for specific applications and that require a long waiting time from the manufacturers.
Each seal that comes in our laboratory is carefully studied and analyzed. It is then disassembled in each components. If a component is not repairable an opportunity to rebuild it is discussed with the customer. At the end of the recondition process there is the final test of the seal

We can recondition mechanical seals for pumps, air and gas compressors, turbines, agitators, propeller shaft for yachts and ships up to 600 mm diameter.

The controls are carried out in the new metrology lab, where we can make use of cutting-edge tools, with which we check every single component with the highest precision.

The new test bench (in which the research and development part is carried on, field where Microtem invests most of its resources) is the strong point of our laboratory. We are able to test mechanical seals replicating the operating conditions expected in the machine, such as speed, pressure, temperature and process fluid. Today tests are performed in rotation up to 20.000 revolutions (RPM) and up to 150 bar (2176 PSI) of pressure.
All data are recorded and analyzed with the help of a specific software that works alongside our engineering department, with the goal of creating more reliable mechanical seals. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), acronym of which we often hear talking about, is a source of daily challenges in the search of products even more efficient.