Naval sector

The marine industry and the recreational boating is for Microtem one of the areas of greatest presence. Thanks to the proximity of our headquarters at the Port of La Spezia, we had the opportunity to study and revise mechanical seals for propeller shaft from around the world, installed on cargo ships, ferry-boat, mega yachts and yachts.
After this extraordinary experience we decided to create a series of mechanical seals that could be more technically advanced in respect to the products that the market offered on this type of installation. Surely one of the most innovative products that we have developed is the MTM400 that, compared to all existing mechanical seals, is the first in the world to be equipped with a double set of springs.
This allows it to be able to compensate for angular and radial misalignment to a greater extent. In addition, springs combined with a double system of o-rings, is what Microtem called DEDaS® (Double Elastic Damping System) , that is a damping elastic system able to make the MTM400 resistant to shock up to 60 g and to vibrations up to 60 mm/s (RMS). Inside the rotating part, there is a further internationally recognized innovation: the pump. This newness, never found in these type of seals until now, ensures that the cooling fluid (usually water) is distributed to a greater extent and ameliorative on the sliding faces, by increasing the thermal disposal and thus reducing consumption.
After the success of the MTM400, in order to attack the market of small boats, we designed and produced MTM900 series, which is the direct competitor of the known bellows mechanical seals for propeller shaft. We brought innovation also in this product which, thanks to some tricks, ensures the achievement of high performance. The design of the MTM900 makes it the most compact mechanical seal for propeller shaft in the world. The structure of the stationary part, for cases, is, normally manufactured through the use of techno industrial polymers, which guarantee not to run into problems such as aging or the possibility of drilling or fire to which instead the rubber is subjected. The MTM901 is the seal for those who use flanged cases and it is normally equipped with the rotating ring in Duplex.
All our mechanical seals can boast of the optional Watershield, that is the hydraulic barrier that allows, in case of need, to isolate the hull of the boat from the water.
For us the Watershield is not only an element of security but it becomes necessary to complete our innovation project on mechanical seals for propeller shaft. In fact, thanks to the geometry with which they were made, both the MTM400 and the MTM900/901, by adopting this system, can be reconditioned directly in water, without having to resort to the intervention of the yard, just simply using the appropriate “repair kit” provided in two halves.

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