Industrial Sector

The industrial sector is, for Microtem, the area of greater presence and prestige. Our company is partner from many years with some of the best known manufacturers of pumps, compressors, agitators, turbines and special machines, with both standard products and special products on request.
Especially the latter has allowed to Microtem to become a reliable partner for many of these OEMs. Thanks to the speed with which the problems are analyzed and to the speed with which our technical department is able to develop solutions, “Custom” products are more and more requested.
“Custom” is a product that manages to fit perfectly, from a technical standpoint, the motor machine, leaving the fundamental dimensions of the interface in compliance with UNI EN 12756.
This means that the manufacturer has an extremely reliable product without being affected by heavy development costs. For Microtem each product becomes a series.
During all these years we have developed specific mechanical seals in accordance with API 619 and API 682. Other sectors have allowed us to build and certify products comply with FDA or the EHEDG. Some of our products have been certified MIL (Military Standard). Important references in this field come from the OIL & GAS sector, where Microtem is increasingly appreciated for its expertise and speed of response.

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