Microtem is an Italian company specializing in the design and manufacture of dynamic sealing systems.

Established in 2005, it has evolved over the years focusing on technology, on the search of cutting-edge materials and on the value of its people.
In Microtem, the goal is to provide high-quality components, a service of high professionalism, giving our customers the peace of mind to concentrate on their business.
Responsibility is the base on which Microtem is based. It comes in fact, entrusted to our products, to determine the end result of our customers’ productions. . Whether it’s a small water pump or a transoceanic ship, our responsibility is to produce components that can grant a competitive advantage.
We have been partnering with manufacturers of pumps, compressors (air and gas), agitators, mixers, turbines and, moreover, the reference point of the world’s largest and most famous yachts and mega yachts.
We work in all sectors where mechanical seals can be applied such as Industrial, Oil & Gas, Power, Food, Naval and Military. . The combination of the specificities of all these sectors has enabled us to fully understand our products.
While being very young today Microtem has a network of Official Distributors covering America, Asia and Europe, who believes in us and in the range of products we offer.

In December 2016, we moved to a new production site, located just 300 meters from the port of La Spezia where, according to our business philosophy, we have created spaces dedicated to research and development, and to tests conducted in one of the most advanced Test room for mechanical seals.


Being the point of reference for the sector, dreaming of creating new technologies, leaving a permanent mark and giving future designers elements to make progress that can improve not only the efficiency of the machines, but above all the lives of those who use them. Your products are the chest that we will keep safe forever thanks to our keys .


Research and development, high quality, automated production processes, passion. Responsibility and customer respect: these are the keywords and the Microtem values. We believe in technology and we exploit it entirely in the search for products that guarantee high quality standards. Solving a problem and sharing our technical knowledge are the pivot on which our entire business rotates. We want to be a partner to share a path of trust, competence and loyalty.